The thing about volunteering for a living, is that these Capitalistic concepts of “time is money,” “service is money” don’t count any more….


“…I found out first hand in those last years of wandering, that it is in this commitment to doing karma yoga for a living, that we purify ourselves. We do things for free, things we would never have done for money in our own countries, things for which we’d consider ourselves way too over qualified. We do things for free, things that even utilize our skills, skills that we’ve spent enormous amounts of time, effort and money to cultivate, we do the things that we had previously earned a substantial income, and we do these things for free. And on top of all that we actually begin to drop our expectations of results, rewards and credit; we serve people for nothing other than their need of assistance and our ability to assist. And in utter opposition to the American Dream career chasing ladder we were set up to climb – we tear that ladder apart, crumble it along with our cultural conditioned identity, then use the wood from this ladder to burn up our unnecessary karmas and melt the ego that has been blocking the doorway to open our heart. And the more we do this, the more opportunities arise for further purification. And the easier it becomes to surrender to what IS. And sooner or later everything begins to flow, like for once in our lives our plan and the divine plan cease to be two, eliminating the struggle we used to feel with the hustle of keeping up with this all this wandering and finally one path begins to illuminate itself, outshining the other options that used to distract us and lead us astray. And on this path alone, we meet ourselves, new born, finally ready, empty enough to be a student, and the real journey begins.”
– excerpt from “Wanderer was I” © 1015, Nicole Jaquis

That is not to say I don’t require money. I just recognize the possibilities that the money I receive does not necessarily have to come from the people or organization for which I volunteered my services; it could come from you, reading about me, appreciating what I do, and offering a donation in the form of dakshina. To do so, you can