On January 24th, 2010 having cleared my debts (student loans & credit cards), quit my job (running a community multimedia center), and packed up my material belongings (to fit into a small room full of boxes), I arrived in India (for the fifth time), this time without a return ticket. read more

no more employment, no more hussel, no more stress!

I happily traded the concrete NYC jungle of convenience for the real Himalayan jungle, where I’ve: cut firewood to heat water for a warm bath, washed my clothes in a bucket, hanged them on a line to dry, and sometimes gone months without phone much less social media. I’ve not merely survived, but truly thrived here for the past 5 ½ years (and counting) with out a paycheck! That is not to say I don’t do any work here. I just do it for a different motivation. Something changes in you, as you volunteer.

no more employment, no more hussel, no more stress!

reflecting back… read the full story…

Five years ago today, January 24th, having cleared my debts (student loans & credit cards), quit my job (running a...

Posted by RelativelyLocal Nicole on Saturday, January 24, 2015

My original intention was to continue working on a documentary film that got its birth during the 2001 Maha Kumbh Mela, or produce a book (with potential publishers even lined up and waiting), make music and art. That’s what we do in America, we set professional goals, with intentions to become someone having produced something substantial to show off to the world.

Ascetics with Cameras:

the Cultural Preservation Experiment that kept me coming to india in the first place

But as I replay in my mind the scenes of this film, this novel, (my own story unfolds) all that has happened to me in these past five years (incidents, struggles, purges, rebirths), I realize I’ve created something far more substantial than any motion picture light show that can be projected on a wall, far more substantial than any expensive hardcover coffee table book; in five years time I’ve (re)created myself.

sadhana | the priorities have shifted

And as the search for good characters becomes the search for good gurus, the lessons get deeper and deeper, and the filmmaker / photographer / writer (myself) gets so engrossed in being (present) in the moment, soaking up all the wisdom I can digest, that actually doing sadhana begins to take precedence over documenting it.

sadhana | the priorities have shifted

realigning life's priorities: living life as a spiritual practice om namo narayan!