Mindful Media Literacy & Production

Media is like a two-way mirror, equally as an influential projection of the future as it is a reflective document of a society’s culture. Be Mindful…

Mindful Media Literacy & Production | relativelyLocal
When viewed from outside, one society consuming the media of another’s, one can glean particular (most often incomplete or inaccurate) assumptions about the other’s culture. However what is less recognized, is the fact that the media consumed within one’s own society is that which dictates that society’s way of life, with much more subtle influential powers, to continuously re-design a society’s mainstream: culturally, politically, even systematically.

If people in the media cannot decide whether they are in the business of reporting news or manufacturing propaganda, it is all the more important that the public understand that difference, and choose their news sources accordingly.” ~Thomas Sowell

Previously media was only produced by those in power, professionals with degree granting careers as media producers, overseen by corporate hierarchy, curatorial-ly dictating to the public masses, to what is worthy of being witness, thus steering the direction of our cultural identity.

For more than a decade now, this is no longer the case. We as individual people as well as collective communities are more and more becoming responsible for the production and distribution of media, however perhaps still unaware of our own power to shape our societies.

Programs and Projects Involve:

Bridging the modern technology / organic-natural-simple living gap between Rural and Urban, East and West.

• De-constructing the Media you are consuming before you Digest.
• Set up and training of social media and tech driven administrative systems for ngos, ashrams and schools.
• Multimedia Production Training: From Grandma learning to hold the mouse and the correct way to Photography, Book / Magazine Layout, Electronic Music & Video Production
• Rural Media Library Project
• Urban Technology Detoxes and Fasts


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Know your media sources!

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