Holistic Curriculum Development to Substantially Transform a Society

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Holistic Curriculum Development towards the evolution of a truly mindful and collaborative society.

The current state of any society is a direct reflection of its educational system. In order to substantially transform a society, first its system of education must evolve.

Over the years I have been working with others in developing a comprehensive Holistic Curriculum, one that provides alternative ways of raising and educating children, keeping not only their academics and creativity, but also their overall wellbeing in mind.

In my experience in the world I have come to understand there are four major systems of education that stand out as making impacts on both individuals and society.

1. The most common is the standardized “factory model” system (as it is called in the West or “market” system as it is called in India), introduced and spread with British Colonialism and with the interest to create a society whose citizens will behave according to the needs of those in power, who wish to keep them “inline” and “fit” into their particular control.

2. The problems that arise from this system have inspired some of us to return to an alternative, the holistic, localized system of education that fosters the individual learner’s interests, emotional needs and particular learning styles / capabilities, systems such as those developed by Krishnamurti (India), Montessori (Italy), or Steiner (Germany).

And centuries before all of this, two other systems of education were the norm:

3. Swadhyaya is where one as an individual takes control of their learning, not only by studying according to their own interests, particular learning styles / capabilities, but also emotional needs are inspected through observation of and eventually gaining true knowledge the self.

4. The ancient Guru Kulam still popular throughout Indian ashrams, is where students leave their parents to go live, devote themselves to, serve and study with one particular guru.

However some of these system of education may overlap each other in their implementation, each requires a different student / teacher relationship, as well as a learning dynamic that resides in our daily lives outside of any education system, all of which I will discuss in various posts in this section.

relativelyLocal’s Holistic Curriculum Development endeavours involve:

• Redesigning Learning and Learning Spaces.
• Fostering Humanity (Children, Youth, Adults, and Seniors) to become Explorers in life: designing one’s own (research, experiment and project based) curriculum according to one’s own curiosity and conducting one’s own self-assessment.
• Eliminating Hierarchy, Fear and Competition through circular spaces and peer education, as well as not pushing through standards according to age, nor pursuit of certificates, degrees or careers over true knowledge and wisdom as the goal of learning.
• Inspiring Curiosity, Encouraging Exploration, Celebrating Discoveries: without exams, or required attendance / participation.

Furthermore I’m interested in Introducing Sadhana as a part of one’s Daily Routine both in the home, workspace and the classrooms.

Physical health, movement and breath control, with a focus on self-balancing development, rather than competition: individually correct diet, shatkarma cleansing, asana, dance, pranayama, singing, swimming, hiking, cycling
Swadhyaya: independent-study (inspiring curiosity, exploration and discovery) & study of the self (turing on the inner witness through mediation, journaling)
Creative Release: expression through writing, music, dance and art
Manifesting Contentment through Expressions of Gratitude.

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