Culture Preservation & Mindful Cultural Exchange

Going beyond the “exotic other”, into the depths of understanding one another, to the point where our similarities overshadow our differences.

An anti-colonial / anti-gentrification approach towards bridging: East and West, Rural and Urban, Living Simply in accordance with the nature and living with all the conveniences of Modern Technologies, through Culture Preservation and Mindful Cultural Exchange.

Fostering true understanding and acceptance of the diversity of lifestyles that exist, with the fully open heart needed to humbly learn from each other, through non-abrasive skills sharing and volunteer (karma yoga / seva) opportunities, that promote collaboration and sustainability over competition and greed.

With deep respect for elders as the keepers of nature based traditions and simple living, before we were so preoccupied with technology driven ways to make our lives more convenient and comfortable, and forgot our original purpose for coming into this body.

Collaborative skills sharing projects are committed to empower others to explore and share personal stories, ideas, differences and commonalities, in the pursuit of transcending both geographical and cultural boundaries as well as finding solutions to self-sustainability endeavours.

• AWC archives
• Elder Stories archives
• Yoga / Meditation Retreats
• Spiritual Trek / Tour Guiding
• Kumbh Mela Camps
• Volunteer Seva (Karma Yoga) Exchanges

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