photos : trek to Vasudhara, Badrinath, Uttarakhand, India 2011

11th June 2011 – I guided a group of men from Tamil Nadu, who wised to go sit for meditation there. Bathing in the waterfall – 400 ft(122 mt) – is considered quite auspicious. Set in the background is a tall mountain cliff (145 m), from where the water fells. Satopanth glacier rolls down towards the bottom of Vasudhara.

Total distance from Badrinath to Vasudhara is 9 km. The first 3 kilometers of badrinath to mana village is drivable road. Next 6 km is walkable trek from Mana village to Vasudhara waterfall.

Mana (the last village in India, bording China) is believed to be a temporary stay point of legendary Pandavas (family from the Mahabharat), during their exile. The foot trek starts from Mana village. After passing Saraswati Mandir (where the Saraswati River is actually in sight, before it merges with the Alaknanda, and eventually the Yumuna and Ganga, forming the sangam in Allahabad, where the imfamous Kumbh Mela festival occurs), the trek becomes tough as walkway being very steep. Sometimes, Trekking feels like rolling over the stone pebbled path. The views of vasudhara river valley during this inclined trek are very scenic. The trekking from Mana to Vasudhara takes two hours.

There are no food or water utilities along the route (beyond Mana), So please carry your own water bottle and light food snacks. Sports shoes are advisable to wear during this tough stony mountain trek, although I was in sandals. We left early morning, hung around there for some hours and made it back to base camp (a cave where Juna Akhara Mata Ji, Laxmi Narayan Bharti lives during the spring / summer / monsoon / autumn seasons – winter time the area is closed with the exception of the military base), before sundown.

photos : trek to Vasudhara, Badrinath, Uttarakhand, India 2011