Yoga Sadhana & Seva Retreats in the Himalayas

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Residential Yoga Sādhana & Seva Experiences to help bring balance to your life.

Cultivate mindfulness in thought, speech and action, while experiencing simple living in rural Himalayas, further developing your sādhana (spiritual practice), trekking to pilgrimage temples and glaciers, or participating in a skills sharing community service project.

What makes up a yogic lifestyle? Come find out, in the high Himalayas (just 40 km from glaciers) in the Kumaon area of Uttarakhand.

If I could offer my best contribution to the evolution of our society, it would be the techniques I’ve practiced to help me reach contentment while maintaining a deeper level of mindfulness as I work my way towards citta vṛti nirodhaḥ; insights into what has evolved me the most over the past 8 years living in India, what has contributed toward Impression Detox: the shedding of my cultural conditioning, the letting go of decades of emotional luggage, the digestion and elimination of many impressions in my mind, the cleansing of (some of) my karmas, as well as (at times) the opening of my cakras.

As a guide along the path of sādhana, I am looking forward to facilitating activities that help others begin to excavate old emotions and unravel the untrue stories they may have repeatedly told themselves, let go of false beliefs that have held them back in life, and make way for the light of one’s true self to illuminate their inner guidance system (our inner guru), ie. our intuition; by helping others:

  • Gain a broader understanding of the ultimate goal of yoga and what it means to spiritualize your life, beyond the mat and yoga studio.
  • Design a daily routine that helps one maintain a yogic – stress free – lifestyle, despite their busy career and household duties.
  • Understand why it is we have been told throughout our childhood to sit still and learn ways to actually cultivate that ability.
  • Understand and develop a heightened sensitivity for the affects the breath and mind (thought patterns) have on each other and how to control them both.
  • Explore the inner workings and various compartmentalized functions of what we call “mind” and become able to distinguish the difference between thinking, concentration and actual meditation.
  • Learn techniques to help one cultivate a higher level of mindfulness of thought, speech and action, throughout their everyday.
  • Take control of our mind’s remote: learn techniques to calm the mind, lesson the chatter or repeated songs stuck in your head, so that reaching an empty state of meditation becomes a possibility.
  • Learn techniques that will enable one to awaken their intuition, become an empty vessel for downloading knowledge from source, and begin to live a life of automatic delivery from the abundant universe.