relativelyLocal - consulting

On-site or remote consulting: guidance for start-up endeavors within the Wellness and Holistic Education sectors.

I am available as a project based consultant to help you get set up and further developed along the future, as a guest teacher facilitating transformational retreats and workshops, or as full time staff with a mix of organizational, curatorial, administrative, social media, hospitality, teaching and private coaching responsibilities.

*Setting up a new studio or retreat center:
– Curating and sourcing (from India): decoration (with my own photos and friends’ paintings), murtis (statues), books, mālas (rudrākṣ and precious stones), ṣaṭkarma supplies (neti pots, sutra netis etc.), Ayurvedic herbs, and other wellness products
– Creating the space: vastu / feng shui / energetic flow, décor, alter set up and maintenance training
– Developing curriculum (including Sanskrit typing and transliteration) for teacher trainings, retreats, workshops and daily classes
– Contributing to social media campaign for studio launch and beyond: creating multimedia content and copy writing
– Bringing in my network of expert facilitators in Asana, Prāṇayam, Bodywork, Sanskrit, Yantra Painting, Ayurveda, Ayurvedic Cooking, Philosophy, Vedic Astrology, etc. (including Juna Akhara Sanyasis)
– Partnering the Purusha Seva Project with other organizations and in-need communities

*Seasonal activities:
– Ṣaṭkarmas – autumn and spring cleanses
– Śivrātri kirtan – all night bhakti music jam

*Monthly activities:
– Full/New Moon Havans (Vedic fire ceremonies) – rituals for dissolution and creation cycles
– Samvād (talking circles) sessions – for local sādhaks who practice or teach at various centers across the Bay area, with guest presenters from around the world
– Digital Detoxes – techniques to excavate, digest and purge impressions in the mind
– Mindful Cooking & Bhaṅḍara (soup kitchen type events) – preparing and serving food as medicine and prasād

*Weekly activities:
– Karma Yoga 1 – rather than hiring a cleaning staff, engage and encourage the community to take stock in both the maintenance of the space as well as their own karma cleansing, while giving guidance in bringing karma yoga as a sādhana into one’s home and work life
– Karma Yoga 2 – for neighborhood housekeepers, nannies and other domestic help – guidance in bringing karma yoga as a sādhana into one’s home and work life
– Bhakti Beats – ecstatic dance inspired ritual and transformational movement sessions
– Mantra Japa (with mala) / Kirtan (japa with music) – techniques for overwriting the grooves in our mental vinyl
– The Yogic Office – mid-day study hall for freelancers, artists and yogis interested in redesigning their office set up in order to maintain asana, pranayama and mindfulness while they work

*Yogi Lifestyle AM/PM Bookend Series:
– Morning Surya Namaskar – starting the day in gratitude and devotion
– Sunset Surya Namaskar – ease out of the work-day in gratitude and devotion
– Morning Pages, Chai & Meditation – clearing the mind for silence
– Evening Pages, Herbal (non-caffeinated) Chai & Meditation – clearing the mind for silence
– Mantra Japa – working with your mala and other ways to count the breath while keeping the mind from jumping on the train of thoughts.
– Deepa Jyotir Namostute – clearing the energy in one’s space by lighting lamps with mantras, incense, bells, drums, etc.

*General Class Series:
– Ṣaṭkarmas & Ayurveda – practices to add to one’s daily routine
– Asana means seat – training the body to sit comfortably on the ground for extended duration
– Āyāsa Vinyāsa Asana – a journey through the chakras, via contraction and expansion, while gleaning insights through various embodiments / incarnations, within the context of the life cycle of the nature (G. O. D.)
– Satva Asana – long holds like Yin, with out the name changes
– Pratyahar, Breath awareness & Prāṇayam – expanded “water bottle” meditation
– Breath work & Journaling for Cakra cleansing – Prāṇayam in recognition we are not limited to just breathing through our nose or mouth, techniques for isolating manifestations of trauma in the body and releasing it with our breath through their corresponding cakras.
– Mindfulness and Meditation – techniques for taking an inventory of the contents of the mind, rewiring the brain’s reaction patterns, and silence
– Queer Hatha Yoga – safe space for all bodies and identities to practice towards balancing sun / moon energies

*Potential Talks & Presentations:
Atithi Devo Bhav – Guest is God, Indian Hospitality as a model for fostering supportive relationships and community
Ardhanārishwar & Queering Yoga – Swara Yoga (Ida, Piṅgala, and Suṣumṇā Nāḍīs), ha-tha, Sun-Moon, Śiv-Śakti, holistic brain and yogic interpretations of gender neutrality and performance.
– G. O. D. the lifecycle of the Nature
– Exhale First – Give (a breath) before you take (a breath)
– Ashram Life while Bleeding, how Yogic and Ayurvedic Menstruation Practices Unraveled my American Feminism
– Karma Yoga Economy vs. Capitalism – towards building a collaborative society
Brahmacharya – lessons on love, relationships and connection to source, gleaned over seven years of celibacy
– Kumbh Mela, world’s largest spiritual gathering
– Juna Akhara Sanyāsi, initiation into the 52 lineages of original yogis
– Yoga Sutras
Bhagavād Gita