I envision a future world:

where our passports merely claim Earth as our residence, human as our nationality and race; a world without religious, racial, gender or cultural separation; a world without political borders; a world where compassion towards and service to each other as brothers and sisters replace competitive hierarchies that have long since produced the current state of imbalance among us; where our access to connectivity positively evolves the relativity between us.

The Mission is Simple…

To blur the lines between local and global, by inspiring an evolution in consciousness, through multicultural exchange within spiritual, educational and creative endeavours, in the pursuit of transcending both geographical and cultural boundaries beyond merely seeing differences and towards acknowledging commonalities and oneness among ourselves, so we can stop considering others as competitors and start becoming collaborators in the world we share.

Grassroots Connectivity and Collaborations:

Bridging Local and Global. Bridging East and West. Bridging Rural and Urban. Bridging Simple Living with Modern Tech. Offering Guidance and Consulting (assessment of needs - set up of new / improved systems - empowerment to manage on one’s own) on projects that may fall under either or all three interwoven themes:

Culture Preservation & Mindful Cultural Exchange

Going beyond the “exotic other”, into the depths of understanding one another, to the point where our similarities overshadow our differences. An anti-colonial / anti-gentrification approach towards bridging: East and West, Rural and Urban, Living Simply in accordance with the

Holistic Curriculum Development to Substantially Transform a Society

Holistic Curriculum Development towards the evolution of a truly mindful and collaborative society. The current state of any society is a direct reflection of its educational system. In order to substantially transform a society, first its system of education must

Mindful Media Literacy & Production

Media is like a two-way mirror, equally as an influential projection of the future as it is a reflective document of a society’s culture. Be Mindful… When viewed from outside, one society consuming the media of another’s, one can glean



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seva and karma yoga

seva and karma yoga

The thing about volunteering for a living, is that these Capitalistic concepts of "time is money," "service is money" don't count any more.... That is not to say I don't require money. I just recognize the possibilities that the money I receive does not necessarily have to come from the people or organization for which I volunteered my services; it could come from you, reading about me, appreciating what I do, and offering a donation in the form of dakshina.
If you appreciate what I do, please offer your support: PayPal me


relativelyLocal is not a registered organization, but merely a concept on which this vision is based…